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June 2018
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  • 07Jul
    About Comments Off on Spring 2017 Pics

    Here are a few pics from the spring of 2017. Recently added is the Back Yard Special Spoiler.


  • 07Jul
    About Comments Off on Tommy Kaira!

    I picked up this Tommy Kaira shift knob finally made in Honda/Acura pitch. This was one of my fav shift knobs when I owned a Nissan 350z. I’m very excited about this, especially since the logo is not the standard red (which would have clashed with my interior).

  • 07Jul
    About Comments Off on Wilman’s Upgrade

    It’s been awhile since I’ve updated this blog,  but let me catch up with some new content. I picked up a used OEM HU and sent to Willman’s for an upgrade. In case you are not familiar with the company, they essentially change out the guts of your HU and replace it with a modern Clarion with blue tooth, USB, etc. etc…. While at the same time, making the HU look “Factory.”

  • 24Feb
    About Comments Off on 2015 Shots

    A few pics from 2015. I basically swapped back to my Advan RS wheels which I had in storage for a few years. Thanks to the Enemy Photos for these shots. Clikc on the pics for higher res/link back to the Enemy.

    Ginash's NSX

    Ginash's NSX

  • 27Jun
    About Comments Off on J’s Racing/Advan RG3/Falken

    Some new shots and some new updates-  Since I plan on keeping the car NA, new mods are somewhat limited for this car. I have been thinking of going with a more aggressive look, so the J’s Racing 3D GT Wing (Type 2) came up at the right time.  I found this used on nsxprime in fairly decent condition. Larry from Project X Customs referred me to Edgar who did a great job refinishing and re-clearing the wing. Thanks also to PX who powdercoated the bases for me in a satin black finish. In case you guys are wondering, this wing was originally intended for an S2000, but the previous owner made custom bases to fit the NSX.

    Wheels: Advan RG III in 17×8 +38 and 18×10 +35. I have a 3mm spacer up front, so that makes my fronts +35 The finish is “hyper black.” It’s in between a silver and black chrome type look. Very similar to the finish I have on my Model 5’s.

    Tires: Falken Azenis RT-615K 215/40 and 265/35

    Thanks to Touge Factory on the wheels and my sponsor Falken for another hookup on the tires!  Below are some pics I found online, so thanks to the photogs who took these shots. I have been way too busy to snap pics myself, but perhaps a new shoot is in order.





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