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  • 01Oct
    Photography Comments Off on 2014 Fall Photoshoot

    This past weekend I made a concerted effort with a few friends to take a few snaps of my NSX. Thanks to Jose Torres for the rolling shot and also to Armando Lorenzana for assisting in the overhead shot. Click on the photo for a higher res image. 

    NSX 2014 Shoot

    I’ve wanted to do an overhead shot like this for some time now. Originally I was going to use this location for another car, but this idea was scrapped due to a marathon blocking this location a few weeks ago. Since I’m actually in the car driving, you could say I was the “producer” of this pic. I essentially gave Armando instructions on what I was looking for and setup the shutter speed/aperture prior to handing him the reins.

    NSX 2014 Shoot

    This is a second-hand J’s Racing 3D GT Wing (Type 2) I picked up over the winter. It was a bit rough, but turned out great after a local guy refinished it for me. It was only after the purchase of the wing did I realize that J’s never made a wing for the NSX. The previous owner told me it’s actually an S2K wing with custom NSX mounts.

    NSX 2014 Shoot

    A rear shot of the car with another angle of the wing. You’ll also notice that I switched out my Model 5’s to Advan RG3’s on Falken Rubber.

    Fall NSX Shoot

    For those interested in the specs- Advan RG III in 17×8 +38 and 18×10 +35. I have a 3mm spacer up front, so that makes my fronts +35 The finish is “hyper black.” It’s in between a silver and black chrome type look. Tires- Falken Azenis RT-615K 215/40 and 265/35.

    NSX 2014 Shoot

    Recently I’ve been loving shooting “wide open” using my 85mm 1.2 lens. It’s a great lens for automotive on a full frame camera.

    NSX 2014 Shoot

    Side profile of the shot. I’m not sure if I’ll ever go back to an 18/19 look again. I love the balance of a 17/18 setup. Another thing I have to mention is that Advan wheels clear ANYTHING. Stoptechs are great, but unfortunately their caliper width limit your wheel selection. Not an issue though with Advan.

    NSX 2014 Shoot

    There aren’t too many things on my “list” anymore for the nsx, so this mat purchase was a bit of a stretch for me. Karo has been making hand-made mats for over 30 years in Japan. SCW Performance was able to work with KARO to develop a LHD Specific (US-Model) NSX floor mat set. I think there are only a handful of these in the US (based on how expensive these are), but I’m pretty happy with the quality.

    NSX 2014 Shoot

    NSX 2014 Shoot

    Another new item for 2014 was this NSX-R cover by Science of Speed.

    NSX 2014 Shoot

    Rolling shot by Jose which I edited.

  • 10May
    Photography Comments Off on 2012 Updates

    Haven’t updated the blog in awhile, but here are some 2012 updates.

    Carbon 6: Super GT Mirror

    Carbon 6 Super GT Mirrors in Carbon Fiber. 1 of only 13 sets ever made, with functional mirrors (retains
    factory controls).

    New JP Aero Front Lip

    I decided to go with the JP Aero front lip to retain a factory-like look, with a touch of aggressiveness.

    Front Profile

    Another look of the mirrors and new lip.


    Thanks Greg for this shot! These are Discontinued Advan Model 5’s. FRONT 17×8 +30 (with 15mm spacer).
    This was taken at the JDMC Season Opener meet on May 5th.

    Another Shot by Greg @ Automass on April 29th. Rear fitment is 18×10 +25 (with 20mm spacer).
    Tires are Falken 452’s in 215/40/17 and 265/35/18.

  • 30Jan
    Photography Comments Off on Winter Interior Seat Shot

    Here’s an interior shot with my Recaro’s.

    Shooting in the Garage

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  • 18Jul

    First of all, thanks to Mackin for working with me on these one-off wheels. I apologize for the delay in these pics, as the tires were on back order. I still need to order the center caps. For those who want my advans, don’t PM me… I’m gonna keep them and swap between wheels.

    Wheel: Volk TE37 (Formula Silver- only set in country in this fitment)
    Wheel Sizes: 18×7.5 (offset: +30) and 19.9.5 (offset: +34)
    Tires: Toyo TR1 205/35/18, and 255/30/19
    Spacers: Front: 5mm spacer, Rear: 10mm spacer
    Adjusted offsets: With spacers, It’s +25 in the front and +24 in the rear.

    No rubbing whatsoever and clears BBK.Front clears by 5mm or so, rear about 2mm.

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  • 06Jul

    Since my car is pretty much done for the year… I decided to do a full quick shoot over the weekend.

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