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June 2019
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  • 27Jun
    About Comments Off on J’s Racing/Advan RG3/Falken

    Some new shots and some new updates-  Since I plan on keeping the car NA, new mods are somewhat limited for this car. I have been thinking of going with a more aggressive look, so the J’s Racing 3D GT Wing (Type 2) came up at the right time.  I found this used on nsxprime in fairly decent condition. Larry from Project X Customs referred me to Edgar who did a great job refinishing and re-clearing the wing. Thanks also to PX who powdercoated the bases for me in a satin black finish. In case you guys are wondering, this wing was originally intended for an S2000, but the previous owner made custom bases to fit the NSX.

    Wheels: Advan RG III in 17×8 +38 and 18×10 +35. I have a 3mm spacer up front, so that makes my fronts +35 The finish is “hyper black.” It’s in between a silver and black chrome type look. Very similar to the finish I have on my Model 5’s.

    Tires: Falken Azenis RT-615K 215/40 and 265/35

    Thanks to Touge Factory on the wheels and my sponsor Falken for another hookup on the tires!  Below are some pics I found online, so thanks to the photogs who took these shots. I have been way too busy to snap pics myself, but perhaps a new shoot is in order.





  • 12Aug
    About Comments Off on 2013 Update

    Wow, it’s been almost a year since I last updated the blog but only added a few more things for this year. I ended up selling my 17/18 Advan Model 5’s and went for the larger 18/19 setup which I felt looks a bit better. The finish is a custom powdercoat which is in between gunmetal/chrome/silver.

    With regards to wheel/tire sizing- I am at 18×8 +38 in front and I have a 3mm spacer. So with that said, front is +35 (Falken 253’s 215/35/18). In the rear, I am 19×10 +45, and using an additional 5mm spacer to bring me to +40. I can PROBABLY get a few more mm’s before rubbing. I might try to align my rears a bit and reduce camber. The problem is, I’m running 275/30/19 in rear which is the reason why I can’t go too aggressive in rear offsets.

    Finally, you’ll notice some Downforce side splitters I added in Carbon Fiber. These were the last set they made for the 2002 side skirts, so I was pretty lucky to snag these. I’m not sure if they plan on making these again. Thanks to the Keith and Casper for these pics.

  • 15Aug
    About Comments Off on Track Pics

    Thanks to Larry for taking some sweet pics of my NSX @ Autobahn Track in Joliet, IL. Click on each photo to get to my Flickr page, and a higher res image.

    Synth19 Imola Orange NSX

    Synth19 Imola Orange NSX

    Synth19 Imola Orange NSX

  • 10May
    Photography Comments Off on 2012 Updates

    Haven’t updated the blog in awhile, but here are some 2012 updates.

    Carbon 6: Super GT Mirror

    Carbon 6 Super GT Mirrors in Carbon Fiber. 1 of only 13 sets ever made, with functional mirrors (retains
    factory controls).

    New JP Aero Front Lip

    I decided to go with the JP Aero front lip to retain a factory-like look, with a touch of aggressiveness.

    Front Profile

    Another look of the mirrors and new lip.


    Thanks Greg for this shot! These are Discontinued Advan Model 5’s. FRONT 17×8 +30 (with 15mm spacer).
    This was taken at the JDMC Season Opener meet on May 5th.

    Another Shot by Greg @ Automass on April 29th. Rear fitment is 18×10 +25 (with 20mm spacer).
    Tires are Falken 452’s in 215/40/17 and 265/35/18.

  • 02Jan
    About Comments Off on Canibeat Feature

    Thanks to the folks @ Canibeat for featuring my NSX.  More pics and the feature located here.



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